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himera [ ženski rod ]

mit. Legendarna strašna neman kod starih Grka (spreda lav, u sredini koza, a pozadi zmaj);
fig. Varka, samoobmana, uobraženje, sanjarija, neizvodljiva misao, šimera.

chimaera [ imenica {mitologija} ]
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ETYM New Lat. Related to Chimera.
In Greek mythology, a fire-breathing animal with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a tail in the form of a snake; hence any apparent hybrid of two or more creatures. The chimera was killed by the hero Bellerophon on the winged horse Pegasus.
Imaginary monster; bogy; impossible idea.
Smooth-skinned deep-sea fish with a tapering body and long threadlike tail.

chimera [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin chimaera a chimera, Greek chimera, chimera, he-goat; cf. Icel. qymbr a yearling ewe.
In biology, an organism composed of tissues that are genetically different. Chimeras can develop naturally if a mutation occurs in a cell of a developing embryo, but are more commonly produced artificially by implanting cells from one organism into the embryo of another.
A grotesque product of the imagination; SYN. chimaera.

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