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Prevod reči: hijerarhija

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hijerarhija [ ženski rod ]

Vladavina sveštenstva,
Stroga podela sveštenika po činovima;
Podeljenost nekog društvenog reda po starešinstvu, npr. vojna, sveštenička, činovnička hijerarhija.

hierarchy [ imenica ]
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ETYM Greek ierarchia: cf. French hiérarchie.
A series of ordered groupings of people or things within a system.
The organization of people at different ranks in an administrative body; SYN. power structure, pecking order.
Structure consisting of different levels of authority in, for example, a business organization, one above the other. At the top of the hierarchy of a company, for example, is the chair and at the bottom is the shop-floor worker. Each worker in the hierarchy should have a job description that clearly sets out his or her duties and position within it.

pecking order [ imenica ]
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The basic pattern of social organization within a flock of poultry in which each bird pecks another lower in the scale without fear of retaliation and submits to pecking by one of higher rank; broadly; a dominance hierarchy in a group of social animals
A social hierarchy

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