haos | srpsko - engleski prevod



Zbrka, nered; darmar.

1. chaos


Sinonimi: pandemonium | bedlam | topsy-turvydom | topsy-turvyness

ETYM Latin chaos chaos, Greek chaos, from chainein (root cha) to yawn, to gape, to open widely. Related to Chasm.
1. A state of extreme confusion and disorder; SYN. pandemonium, bedlam, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness.
2. The formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos.

2. mess


Sinonimi: messiness | muss | mussiness | mess hall

ETYM Old Eng. mes, Old Fren. mets, Late Lat. missum, p. p. of mittere to put, place (e.g., on the table), Latin mittere to send. Related to Mission, Mass religious service.
(Irregular plural: messes).
1. A state of confusion and disorderliness; SYN. messiness, muss, mussiness.
2. A (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax; SYN. mess hall.
3. A meal eaten by service personnel.
4. Soft semiliquid food.

3. welter


to be in a state of turmoil or chaos

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