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Prevod reči: grozd

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grozd [ muški rod {botanika} ]

Plod loze.

acinus [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM Latin, grape, grapestone.
One of the small drupes making up an aggregate or multiple fruit like a blackberry.
Berry which grows in clusters.

bunch [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM Akin to OSw. and Dan. bunke heap, Icel. bunki heap, pile, bunga tumor, protuberance; cf. W. pwng cluster. Related to Bunk.
(Irregular plural: bunches).
A thick grouping of similar things; SYN. clump, cluster.
Any collection in its entirety; SYN. lot, caboodle.

cluster [ imenica ]
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ETYM AS. cluster, clyster; cf. LG. kluster (also Swed. and Dan. klase a cluster of grapes, Dutch klissen to be entangled?.).
A number of things of the same kind growing together; a bunch.
A number of similar things collected together or lying contiguous; a group.
A number of individuals grouped together or collected in one place; a crowd; a mob.

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