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Prevod reči: grebanje

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grebanje [ imenica ]

corrasion [ imenica ]
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The grinding away of solid rock surfaces by particles carried by water, ice, and wind. It is generally held to be the most significant form of erosion. As the eroding particles are carried along they become eroded themselves due to the process of attrition.

cratch [ imenica ]
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1 archaic; manger
A crib or rack especially for fodder; also; frame

scraping [ imenica ]
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A fragment scraped off of something and collected (usually plural).

scrape [ imenica ]
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A harsh noise made by scraping; SYN. scraping, scratch, scratching.
A deep bow with the foot drawn backwards (indicating excessive humility); SYN. scraping.

scratch [ imenica ]
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An indication of damage; SYN. scrape, scar, mark.
The sound made by scratching
The starting line in a race
A test of courage; satisfactory condition, level, or performance
A contestant whose name is withdrawn
Poultry feed (as mixed grains) scattered on the litter or ground especially to induce birds to exercise — called also scratch feed
A shot in billiards or pool that ends a player's turn; specifically; a shot in pool in which the cue ball falls into the pocket; a shot that scores by chance; fluke

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