gradonačelnik | srpsko - engleski prevod


muški rod

Gradski otac, predsednik gradske opštine.

1. bailie


A Scottish municipal official; a Scottish aldernman.

2. borough-reeve


3. burghermaster


4. burgomaster


ETYM Dutch burgemeester; burg borough + meester master; akin to German burgemeister, bürgermeister. Related to Borough, and Master.
A mayor of a municipality in Germany or Holland or Flanders or Austria.

5. mayor


Sinonimi: city manager

ETYM Old Eng. maire, French maire, from Latin major greater, higher, nobler, compar. of magnus great; cf. Spanish mayor. Related to Major, Merino.
The head of a city government; SYN. city manager.
Title of head of local administration for a town or city. Powers vary widely, although generally mayors oversee financial issues, local education, public safety, planning and zoning, taxation, and other aspects of municipal government.

6. provost


ETYM Old Fren. provost (Latin prae and pro being confused), French prevôt, from Latin praepositus placed before, a chief, from praeponere to place before: cf. AS. prâfost, prôfast. Related to Preposition, Propound.
(Scottish) Mayor; head of cathedral or college. provost marshal, head of military police.
A high-ranking university administrator.