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ženski rod

1. hostess


ETYM Old Eng. hostesse, ostesse. Related to Host a landlord.
(Irregular plural: hostesses).
1. A woman host.
2. A woman innkeeper.

2. landlady


A woman who is a landlord

3. madam


Sinonimi: brothel keeper

1. A woman who runs a house of prostitution; SYN. brothel keeper.
2. Mistress — used as a title formerly with the given name but now with the surname or especially with a designation of rank or office
3. The female head of a house of prostitution
4. The female head of a household; wife

4. mistress


Sinonimi: kept woman | fancy woman

ETYM Old Eng. maistress, Old Fren. maistresse, French maîtresse, Late Lat. magistrissa, for Latin magistra, fem. of magister. Related to Master, Mister, Miss a young woman.
1. A woman master who directs the work of others.
2. A woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a man; SYN. kept woman, fancy woman.

5. proprietress


A woman proprietor.

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