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fotografija [ ženski rod ]

"Pisanje svetlošću", "slikanje svetlošću", postupak kojim se pomoću dejstva svetlosni na materije na nju osetljive, izrađuju slike predmeta koji na te materije šalju svetlost;
Slika izrađena na ovaj način, naročito na hartiji (fotogram); fig. verna slika.

photo [ imenica ]
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An abbreviation of photograph.

photography [ imenica ]
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ETYM Photo- + -graphy: cf. French photographie.
The act of taking and printing photographs; SYN. picture taking.
The occupation of taking and printing photographs or making movies.
The process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces.
Process for reproducing images on sensitized materials by various forms of radiant energy, including visible light, ultraviolet, infrared, X-rays, atomic radiations, and electron beams.
The most familiar photographic process depends upon the fact that certain silver compounds (called halides) are sensitive to light. A photographic film is coated with these compounds and, in a camera, is exposed to light. An image, or picture, of the scene before the camera is formed on the film because the silver halides become activated (light-altered) where light falls but not where light does not fall. The image is made visible by the process of developing, made permanent by fixing, and, finally, is usually printed on paper. Motion-picture photography uses a camera that exposes a roll of film to a rapid succession of views that, when developed, are projected in equally rapid succession to provide a moving image.
Worldwide, billion photographs a year are taken (1995), of which only are ever reprinted.

pic [ imenica ]
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Motion picture
The picador's lance

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