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muški rodmedicina

Melem namazan na naročitu tkaninu (za spoljnu upotrebu).
Lepljiv zavoj za rane.

1. Band-Aid


(Trademark) Covers small cuts and blisters.
Used for a small adhesive strip with a gauze pad for covering minor wounds.
1. (Registered Trademark) A small dressing for a wound, composed of an adhesive strip covering a gauze pad.
2. An insufficient remedy or hurried repair; a solution that does not address the real concerns.

2. cataplasm


Plaster or poultice.

3. patch


ETYM Old Eng. pacche; of uncertain origin, perh. for placche; cf. Prov. Eng. platch patch, LG. plakk, plakke.
(Irregular plural: patches).
A piece of cloth used as decoration or to mend or cover a hole.

4. plaster


Sinonimi: adhesive plaster | sticking plaster

A plaster-like mixture used in dressing wounds, especially for making casts; SYN. adhesive plaster, sticking plaster.

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