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fajl [ muški rod {računari} ]

Podaci u kompjuteru, datoteka.

file [ imenica {računari} ]
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A set of related records or data treated as a unit.
In computing, a collection of data or a program stored in a computer’s external memory (for example, on disc). It might include anything from information on a company’s employees to a program for an adventure game. Serial files hold information as a sequence of characters, so that, to read any particular item of data, the program must read all those that precede it. Random-access files allow the required data to be reached directly.
Files usually consist of a set of records, each having a number of fields for specific items of data. For example, the file for a class of schoolchildren might have a record for each child, with five fields of data in each record, storing: (family name; (first name; (house name or number; (street name; (town. To find out, for example, which children live on the same street, one would look in field 4.

shortcut [ imenica ]
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A route shorter than the usual one; SYN. cutoff, crosscut. short cut

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