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Nauka koja istražuje poreklo, koren i osnovna značenja reči; nauka o tvorbi reči.
Nauka o poreklu reči i njihovoj srodnosti sa rečima drugih jezika; istražuje osnovnu reč, osnovni oblik; etimon. (grč.)

1. etymology


ETYM Latin etymologia, Greek etymologia; etymon etymon + logos discourse, description: cf. French étymologie. Related to Etymon, and -logy.
1. A history of a word.
2. The study of the sources and development of words.
3. Study of origins of words.
Derivation, origin or history of a word; study of words, their meanings and origins.
Study of the origin and history of words within and across languages. It has two major aspects: the study of the phonetic and written forms of words, and of the semantics or meanings of those words.
Etymological research has been particularly successful in tracing the development of words and word elements within the Indo-European language family. Since languages are always changing and usage differs among cultures, it is important to trace words to their original sources. Standard dictionaries of a language such as English typically contain etymological information within square brackets at the end of each entry.

2. pedigree


Sinonimi: bloodline

ETYM Of unknown origin.
1. Ancestry of a purebred animal; SYN. bloodline.
2. Line of descent of a pure-bred animal.

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