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džamija [ ženski rod ]

Veća muslimanska bogomolja, bogomolja prvog reda u kojoj se uči kotbah (za razliku od mošeje, manje bogomolje).

mosque [ imenica ]
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ETYM French mosquée, Spanish mezquita, Arabic masjid, from sajada to bend, adore.
A Muslim place of worship; SYN. masjid, musjid.
In Islam, a place of worship. Chief features are: the dome; the minaret, a balconied turret from which the faithful are called to prayer; the mihrab, or prayer niche, in one of the interior walls, showing the direction of the holy city of Mecca; and an open court surrounded by porticoes.
The earliest mosques were based on the plan of Christian basilicas, although different influences contributed toward their architectural development (see Islamic architecture). Mosques vary a great deal in style in various parts of the world.

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