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drvorez [ muški rod ]

Ksilografija, rezbarenje.

print [ imenica ]
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A picture or design printed from an engraving; SYN. print making.
A fabric with a dyed pattern pressed onto it (usually by engraved rollers).

wood engraving [ imenica ]
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A relief printing surface consisting of a wooden block with a usually pictorial design cut in the end grain
A print from a wood engraving. SYN. wood-engraving

wood carving [ imenica ]
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A piece of art created by carving wood.
Art form practiced in many parts of the world since prehistoric times: for example, the NW Pacific coast of North America, in the form of totem poles, and W Africa, where there is a long tradition of woodcarving, notably in Nigeria. Woodcarvings survive less often than sculpture in stone or metal because of the comparative fragility of the material.
Ancient woodcarvings have been preserved in hot, dry (Egypt, China) and cool, wet (Scandinavian bogs, estuarine) conditions. woodcarving

woodcut [ imenica ]
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A block of wood with a design cut into it; used to make prints; SYN. wood block, wood engraving.
A print made from a woodcut; SYN. wood engraving.
Print made by a woodblock in which a picture or design has been cut in relief along the grain of the wood. The woodcut is the oldest method of printing, invented in China in the 5th century AD. In the Middle Ages woodcuts became popular in Europe, illustrating early printed books and broadsides.
The German artist Albrecht Dürer was an early exponent of the technique. Multicolored woodblock prints were developed in Japan in the mid-18th century. Wood engraving is an allied but finer technique, the cuts being made across the end-grain of a block. The English artist Thomas Bewick was one of the first exponents of wood engraving.

woodcutting [ imenica ]
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The action or occupation of cutting wood or timber
The producing of woodcuts

wooden cut [ imenica ]
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woodprint [ imenica ]
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