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1. allocate


Sinonimi: apportion

ETYM Late Lat. allocatus, p. p. of allocare, from Latin ad + locare to place. Related to Allow.
To distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose; SYN. apportion.

2. allow


Sinonimi: take into account | permit | appropriate | earmark | set aside | reserve | grant

1. To allow or plan for a certain possibility; concede the truth or validity of something; SYN. take into account.
2. To allow the presence of; SYN. permit.
3. To give or assign a share of money or time to a particular person or cause; SYN. appropriate, earmark, set aside, reserve.
4. To grant as a discount or in exchange.
5. To let have; to grant permission; SYN. grant.

3. remit


Sinonimi: remand

1. To send payment for.
2. (Legal; appeals courts) To send back; SYN. remand.
3. To release from (claims and debts).
4. To go into remission, as of one's state of health.

4. transfer


Sinonimi: transmit | transpose | transplant | shift | reassign | change

1. To move from one place to another, as of information; SYN. transmit.
2. To transfer from one place or period to another; SYN. transpose, transplant.
3. To move around; SYN. shift.
4. To transfer somebody to a different position or location of work; SYN. reassign.
5. To change from one vehicle or transportation line to another; SYN. change.
6. To cause to change ownership

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