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Prevod reči: domaća životinja

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domaća životinja [ ženski rod ]

domesticate [ imenica ]
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A domesticated animal or plant.

critter [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]
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(Informal) A creature, usually a small animal.

domestic [ imenica ]
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A household servant; SYN. domestic help, house servant.

domestic animal [ imenica ]
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In general, a tame animal. In agriculture, it is an animal brought under human control for exploitation of its labor; use of its feathers, hide, or skin; or consumption of its eggs, milk, or meat. Common domestic animals include poultry, cattle (including buffalo), sheep, goats, and pigs. Starting about 10,0years ago, the domestication of animals has only since World War II led to intensive factory farming.
Increasing numbers of formerly wild species have been domesticated, with stress on scientific breeding for desired characteristics. At least 6of the world's livestock is in developing countries, but the Third World consumes only 2of all meat and milk produced. Most domestic animals graze plants that are not edible to humans, and 4of the world's cereal production becomes animal feed; in the US it is 90%.
Any of various domesticated animals.

dumb chum [ imenica ]
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dumb friend [ imenica ]
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