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Odložiti; položiti, uložiti; dati na čuvanje, u ostavu; prav. pred sudom iskazati; bank., ostaviti u banci potpis radi sravnjivanja; deponirati.

1. depose


Sinonimi: force out

1. To remove from a throne or other high position
2. To put down; deposit
3. To testify to under oath or by affidavit; affirm, assert; to take a deposition of
4. To bear witness
5. To force to leave (an office); SYN. force out.

2. deposit


Sinonimi: bank

To put into a bank account; SYN. bank.

3. place


Sinonimi: localize | come in | come out

1. To put something somewhere:
2. To establish somebody in a particular situation or location:
3. To identify the location or place of; SYN. localize.
4. To assign to (a job or a home).
5. To estimate:
6. To sing a note with the correct pitch.
7. To take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal; SYN. come in, come out.
8. To arrange for or to make;,

4. put down


1. To lay down; to deposit; to set down.
2. To insult; to describe in a disparaging way
3. To put a stop to; to suppress

5. set down


1. To cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place; SYN. put down, place down.
2. To put or settle into a position

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