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deklaracija [ ženski rod ]

Objava, izjava, izjašnjenje; izlaganje, npr. nekog zakona preko osoba ili tela za to ovlašćenih; objavljivanje, npr. veridbe; trg. prijava (ili prijavljivanje) carinskim vlastima robe radi carinjenja (carinska deklaracija); izjava o sadržini poštanskih paketa (poštanska deklaracija), lično prijavljivanje poreskim vlastima visine i izvora imanja i prihoda itd. (lat.)

assertion [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin assertio, from asserere.
A declaration that is made as if no supporting evidence were necessary; SYN. averment, asseveration.

explanation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin explanatio: cf. Old Fren. esplanation.
A statement that explains; SYN. account.
Thought that makes something comprehensible.
In science, an attempt to make clear the cause of any natural event by reference to physical laws and to observations.
The extent to which any explanation can be said to be true is one of the chief concerns of philosophy, partly because observations may be wrongly interpreted, partly because explanations should help us predict how nature will behave. Although it may be reasonable to expect that a physical law will hold in the future, that expectation is problematic in that it relies on induction, a much criticized feature of human thought; in fact no explanation, however “scientific”, can be held to be true for all time, and thus the difference between a scientific and a common-sense explanation remains the subject of intense philosophical debate.

legend [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. legende, Old Fren. legende, French légende, Late Lat. legenda, from Latin legendus to be read, from legere to read, gather; akin to Greek legein to gather, speak. Related to Collect, Dialogue, Lesson, Logic.
A story about mythical or supernatural beings or events; SYN. fable.
Traditional or undocumented story about famous people, commonly religious in character and frequently posing problems of authenticity. Legends are typically narrative, in the form of verse or prose novella, although more complex forms such as drama or ballad are possible. It is typical for legends to avoid a strict documentary account in favor of a more poetic and religious interpretation of reality. The term was originally applied to the books of readings designed for use in Christian religious service, and was extended to the stories of saints' lives read in monasteries.
A collection of such stories was the 13th-century Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine. This remained popular for 3 centuries, although scholarship since the Renaissance has shown its unreliability as a historical document. The epic Beowulf is the most important Old English legend. The story of Robin Hood has been a popular legend since the 15th century.

declaration [ imenica ]
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ETYM French déclaration, from Latin declaratio, from declarare. Related to Declare.
Emphatic or explicit statement.
Unsworn statement in a legal transaction.

deklaracija [ ženski rod {računari} ]

Instrukcija, sadržana u izvornom programu, koja specificira format, veličinu i prirodu podataka za kompilaciju.

declaration [ imenica {računari} ]
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A binding of an identifier to the information that relates to it. For example, to make a declaration of a constant means to bind the name of the constant with its value. Declaration usually occurs in a program’s source code; the actual binding can take place at compile time or run time. See also bind, constant, data declaration, data type, identifier, instruction, routine, type declaration, variable.

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