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Prevod reči: dama

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dama [ ženski rod ]

Gospođa, gospa, žena iz višeg staleža; plemićkinja, vlastelinka; otmena žena koja ume da drži do sebe; figura na kartama za igranje.

dame [ imenica ]
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ETYM French dame, Late Lat. domna, from Latin domina mistress, lady, fem. of dominus master, ruler, lord; akin to domare to tame, subdue. Related to Tame, Dam a mother, Dan, Danger, Dungeon, Dominie, Don, Duenna.
In the UK honors system, the title of a woman who has been awarded the Order of the Bath, Order of St Michael and St George, Royal Victorian Order, or Order of the British Empire.
It is also in law the legal title of the wife or widow of a knight or baronet, placed before her name.
A woman of refinement; SYN. madam, madame, ma'am, lady, gentlewoman.
Informal terms for a (young) woman; SYN. doll, wench, skirt, chick, bird.

lady [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. ladi, laefdi, as. hlaefdige, hlaefdie; as. hlâf loaf + a root of uncertain origin, possibly akin to Eng. dairy. Related to Loaf, Lord.
A polite name for any woman.
A woman of aristocratic family; SYN. noblewoman, peeress.

queen [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. quen, quene, queen, quean, AS. cwęn wife, queen, woman; akin to OS. quân wife, woman, Icel. kvân wife, queen, Goth. qęns. Related to Quean.
A female sovereign ruler; SYN. queen regnant, female monarch.
The wife or widow of a king.
One of four cards in a deck bearing a picture of a queen.
Especially large and only member of a colony of naked mole rats to bear offspring sired by only a few males.

dama [ ženski rod {šah} ]

Kraljica u šahu.

queen [ imenica {šah} ]
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The most powerful chess piece; it may move perpendicularly or diagonally across the board.

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