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Muzički instrument, bubanj sa praporcima, def.
Vrsta istočnjačkog muzičkog instrumenta; udaraljka, drveni obruč sa podapetom kožom i praporcima po ivici.

1. castanets


ETYM French castagnettes, Spanish castańetas, from Latin castanea (Spanish castańa) a chestnut. So named from the resemblance to two chestnuts, or because chestnuts were first used for castanets. Related to Chestnut.
Two small, concave shells of ivory or hard wood, shaped like spoons, fastened to the thumb, and beaten together with the middle finger; -- used in Spain as an accompaniment to dance and guitars music.
Spanish percussion instrument made of two hollowed wooden shells, held in the palm and drummed together by the fingers to produce a rhythmic accompaniment to dance.
Orchestral castanets or “clappers”, mounted on a handle, were employed by silent film effects musicians to imitate the sound of a galloping horse, hence the phrase “to run like the clappers”.

2. tambourine


ETYM French tambourin; cf. Italian tamburino. Related to Tambour, Tamborine.
A shallow one-headed drum with metallic disks in the sides.
Musical percussion instrument of ancient origin, almost unchanged since Roman times, consisting of a shallow drum with a single skin and loosely set jingles in the rim that accentuate the beat.

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