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1. dun


Sinonimi: grayish brown | greyish brown | fawn

1. A color varying around light grayish brown; SYN. grayish brown, greyish brown, fawn.
2. A person who duns
3. An urgent request; especially; a demand for payment

2. mount


Sinonimi: setting

1. A piece of metal (as in a ring or other jewelry) that holds a gem in place; SYN. setting.
2. A high hill; mountain — used especially before an identifying name
3. An act or instance of mounting; specifically; an opportunity to ride a horse in a race
4. A means of conveyance; especially; saddle horse
5. Frame, support

3. mountain


Sinonimi: mount

ETYM Old Eng. mountaine, montaine, French montagne, Late Lat. montanea, montania, from Latin mons, montis, a mountain; cf. montanus belonging to a mountain. Related to Mount.
A land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill; SYN. mount.
Natural upward projection of the Earth's surface, higher and steeper than a hill. The process of mountain building (orogeny) consists of volcanism, folding, faulting, and thrusting, resulting from the collision and welding together of two tectonic plates (see plate tectonics). This process deforms the rock and compresses the sediment between the two plates into mountain chains.

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