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bicikl [ muški rod {biciklizam} ]

Točak, velosiped.
Prevozno sredstvo, dvotočkaš.

bicycle [ imenica {biciklizam} ]
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ETYM Pref. bi- + cycle.
Has two wheels; moved by foot pedals; SYN. bike, wheel.
Pedal-driven two-wheeled vehicle used in cycling. It consists of a metal frame mounted on two large wire-spoked wheels, with handlebars in front and a seat between the front and back wheels. The bicycle is an energy-efficient, nonpolluting form of transport, and it is estimated that 8million bicycles are in use throughout the world—outnumbering automobiles three to one. China, India, Denmark, and the Netherlands are countries with a high use of bicycles. More than 1of road spending in the Netherlands is on cycleways and bicycle parking.
The first bicycle was seen in Paris 17and was a form of hobby-horse. The first treadle-propelled cycle was designed by Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan 183By the end of the 19th century wire wheels, metal frames (replacing wood), and pneumatic tires (invented by Scottish veterinary surgeon John B Dunlop 188had been added. Among the bicycles of that time was the front-wheel-driven penny farthing with a large front wheel.
Recent technological developments have been related to reducing wind resistance caused by the frontal area and the turbulent drag of the bicycle. Most of an Olympic cyclist's energy is taken up in fighting wind resistance in a sprint. The first major innovation was the solid wheel, first used in competitive cycling in 198but originally patented as long ago as 187Further developments include handle bars that allow the cyclist to crouch and use the shape of the hands and forearms to divert air away from the chest. Modern racing bicycles now have a monocoque structure produced by laying carbon fiber around an internal mold and then baking them in an oven. Using all of these developments Chris Boardman set a speed record of 54.4 km/h (mph) on his way to winning a gold medal at the 19Barcelona Olympics.

bike [ imenica {biciklizam} ]
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ETYM Ethymol. unknown.
A bicycle.

cycle [ imenica {biciklizam} ]
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A shortened version of 'bicycle' or 'tricycle' or 'motorcycle'.

machine [ imenica ]
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ETYM French, from Latin machina machine, engine, device, trick, Greek, from mechane means, expedient. Related to Mechanic.
Any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks.
An intricate organization that accomplishes its goals efficiently.
An efficient person.
A group that controls the activities of a political party; SYN. political machine.
A device for overcoming resistance at one point by applying force at some other point; SYN. simple machine.
Device that allows a small force (the effort) to overcome a larger one (the load). There are three basic machines: the inclined plane (ramp), the lever, and the wheel and axle. All other machines are combinations of these three basic types. Simple machines derived from the inclined plane include the wedge, the gear, and the screw; the spanner is derived from the lever; the pulley from the wheel.
The principal features of a machine are its mechanical advantage, which is the ratio of load to effort, its velocity ratio, and its efficiency, which is the work done by the load divided by the work done by the effort; the latter is expressed as a percentage. In a perfect machine, with no friction, the efficiency would be 100%. All practical machines have efficiencies of less than 100%, otherwise perpetual motion would be possible.

push-bicycle [ imenica {biciklizam} ]
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