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muški rodvojska

Utvrđenje, grudobran, tvrđava (str.).

1. bastion


Sinonimi: citadel

ETYM French bastion (cf. Italian bastione), from Late Lat. bastire to build (cf. French bâtir, Italian bastire), perh. from the idea of support for a weight, and akin to Greek bastazein to lift, carry, and to Eng. baston, baton.
1. A group that defends a principle.
2. A stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle; SYN. citadel.
3. Projecting part of a rampart or other fortification.
Tower at the corner of a fortification.
Earthwork projecting outward from fortification.

2. bulwark


ETYM Akin to Dutch bolwerk, German bollwerk, Swed. bolwerk, Dan. bolvärk, bulvärk, rampart; akin to German bohle plank, and werk work, defense. Related to Bole stem, and Work, Boulevard.
1. A rampart; a fortification; a bastion or outwork.
2. That which secures against an enemy, or defends from attack; any means of defense or protection.
3. The sides of a ship above the upper deck.
The side of a ship above the deck.

3. fortress


Sinonimi: fort

ETYM French forteresse, Old Fren. forteresce, fortelesce, Late Lat. foralitia, from Latin fortis strong. Related to Fort, Fortalice.
(Irregular plural: fortresses).
A fortified place; SYN. fort.

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