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Drugo ime za program, kao što je program za obradu teksta, za tabelarne proračune ili baze podataka. Reč program većinu ljudi odmah asocira na tabele.

1. application


A program designed to assist in the performance of a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or inventory management. Compare utility.
In computing, a program or job designed for the benefit of the end user, such as a payroll system or a word processor. The term is used to distinguish such programs from those that control the computer (systems programs) or assist the programmer, such as a compiler.

2. application software


See application.

3. applications package


In computing, the set of programs and related documentation (such as instruction manuals) used in a particular application. For example, a typical payroll applications package would consist of separate programs for the entry of data, updating the master files, and printing the pay slips, plus documentation in the form of program details and instructions for use.

4. software application


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