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muški rod

Merač brzine vetra. Sprava za merenje brzine kretanja, strujanja vazduha, odnosno vetra, vetromer.

1. anemometar


2. anemometer


Sinonimi: wind gauge

ETYM Greek anemos wind + -meter.
For recording the speed and direction of wind; SYN. wind gauge.
An instrument for measuring and/or indicating the velocity of air flow.
Instrument for measuring wind velocity.
Instrument measuring strength and speed of wind.
Device for measuring wind speed and liquid flow. The most basic form, the cup-type anemometer, consists of cups at the ends of arms, which rotate when the wind blows. The speed of rotation indicates the wind speed.
Vane-type anemometers have vanes, like a small windmill or propeller, that rotate when the wind blows. Pressure-tube anemometers use the pressure generated by the wind to indicate speed. The wind blowing into or across a tube develops a pressure, proportional to the wind speed, that is measured by a manometer or pressure gauge. Hot-wire anemometers work on the principle that the rate at which heat is transferred from a hot wire to the surrounding air is a measure of the air speed.
Wind speed is determined by measuring either the electric current required to maintain a hot wire at a constant temperature, or the variation of resistance while a constant current is maintained.

3. wind-gauge


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