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ženski rod

Ispupčena, bokasta bočica za mast, ulje, belilo; crkveni sud u kome se drži vino i voda za pričešćivanje (u katoličkoj crkvi).
Staklo električne sijalice.

1. ampoule


1. A hermetically sealed small bulbous glass vessel that is used to hold a solution for hypodermic injection
2. A vial resembling an ampoule

2. ampulla


ETYM Latin.
1. A flask that has two handles; used by Romans for wines or oils.
2. The dilated portion of a canal or duct esp. of the semicircular canals of the ear.
Vessel for holy oil or wine for coronations or rituals.
Ancient Roman flask with two handles and globular body; Anatomy, saclike swelling at end of duct.
Small vessel with a round body and narrow neck, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for holding oil, perfumes, and so on; ampullae are used in the Christian church for holding water and wine at the Eucharist.

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