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Vermont [ muški rod {geologija} ]

Jedna od država SAD-a, 14.

Vermont [ imenica {geologija} ]
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A state in New England; Also called: Green Mountain State.
Village in Illinois (USA); zip code 61484.
State in NE US; nicknamed Green Mountain State.
area 24,9sq km/9,6sq mi.
capital Montpelier.
towns and cities Burlington, Rutland, Barre.
features Green Mountain national forest, with brilliant autumn foliage; Mount Mansfield (1,3m/4,3ft), the highest peak in the state; Lake Champlain; no large cities or industrial areas; covered bridges; Bennington, site of the Battle of Bennington 177with the Bennington Battle Monument and Bennington Museum, with paintings by Grandma Moses; Newfane, with Greek Revival courthouse; birthplace and family home of Calvin Coolidge at Plymouth; Woodstock (settled 1761), site of America’s first ski tow (1934); Middlebury College (1800); Shelburne museum of the history of American life; State House, Montpelier; Marlboro Music Festival; Barre, the site of the world’s largest granite quarry; Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe; winter sports.
industries apples, maple syrup, dairy products, china clay, granite, marble, slate, business machines, paper and allied products; tourism is important.

famous people Chester A Arthur, Calvin Coolidge, John Dewey.
history explored by the Frenchman Samuel de Champlain from 160settled by French 16and English 172became a state 1791.
The first French settlement was at Fort Ste Anne 166first English settlers 17at Fort Drummer (now Brattleboro). England controlled the area from 17after the French and Indian War. The Green Mountain Boys, organized 17to protect Vermont from New York's territorial claims, captured Ticonderoga and Crown Point from the British 1775.
After the Civil War—in which half the men of military age joined the army, and one in seven lost his life—young people tended to move west, and the state economy stagnated. Tourism now accounts for more than 2of the gross state product. The “back to the earth” movement has brought new farmers, businesses, and second-home owners to Vermont, so the population and cultural activities grow.

Vt [ skraćenica ]
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Abbreviation for Vermont, a state of the US.

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