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teren [ muški rod ]

Zemljište, tle, zemlja; oblik zemljišta, naročito s obzirom na njegov uticaj na položaj i kretanje trupa; fig. položaj, okolnosti; oblast gde se dejstvuje, radi.

court [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. court, curt, cort, French cour, Late Lat. cortis, from Latin cohors, cors, chors, gen. cohortis, cortis, chortis, an inclosure, court, thing inclosed, crowd, throng.
A yard wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings; SYN. courtyard.
A specially marked area within which a game is played.
Respectful deference; SYN. homage.
The family and retinue of a sovereign or prince.
The residence of a sovereign or nobleman.
The sovereign and his advisers who are the governing power of a state.

precinct [ imenica ]
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ETYM Late Lat. praecinctum, from Latin praecingere, praecinctum, to gird about, to encompass; prae before + cingere to gird, surround. Related to Pre-, and Cincture.
A district of a city or town marked out for administrative purposes.
Ground belonging to ecclesiastical or other building; surroundings; (American), police-district.

section [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin sectio, from secare, sectum, to cut; akin to Eng. saw a cutting instrument: cf. French section. Related to Saw, Scion, Dissect, Insect, Secant, Segment.
A self-contained part of a larger composition; SYN. subdivision.
A very thin slice (of tissue or mineral or other substance) for examination under a microscope.
One of several pieces or parts that fit with others to constitute a whole object; SYN. segment.
A distinct region or subdivision of a territorial or political area or community or group of people.
A division of an orchestra containing all instruments of the same class.
A segment of a citrus fruit.
A land unit of 1 square mile measuring 1 mile on a side.
A small army unit usually having a special function.
A small team of policemen working as part of a police platoon.
1(Geometry) The area created by a plane cutting through a solid; SYN. plane section.

terrain [ imenica ]
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A piece of ground having specific characteristics or military potential

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