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talas [ muški rod ]

Pojava na vodi usled vetra, val.

walm [ imenica ]
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billow [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Icel. bylgja billow, Dan. bölge, Swed. bölja; akin to Mid. High Germ. bulge billow, bag, and to Eng. bulge. Related to Bulge.
A large sea wave; SYN. surge.

breaker [ imenica ]
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One that breaks; a machine or plant for breaking rocks or coal
A wave breaking into foam (as against the shore)
A small water cask
A quarry worker who splits off blocks of stone; SYN. ledgeman.

wave [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Wave; not the same word as Old Eng. wawe, waghe, a wave, which is akin to Eng. wag to move.
(Homonym: waive).
(Physics) A progressive, undulating disturbance created without displacement of the medium itself; SYN. undulation.
One of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water); SYN. moving ridge.
A movement like that of an ocean wave.
An undulating curve.
Something that rises rapidly and dies away.
The act of signaling by a movement of the hand; SYN. waving, wafture.
A hairdo that creates undulations in the hair.

whitecap [ imenica ]
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A wave that is blown by the wind so its crest is broken and appears white; SYN. white horse.

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