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Prevod reči: Razvuci

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razvući [ glagol ]

drag out [ glagol ]
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overreach [ glagol ]
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To reach above or beyond; overtop
To defeat (oneself) by seeking to do or gain too much
To get the better of especially in dealing and bargaining and typically by unscrupulous or crafty methods
4 of a horse; to strike the forefoot with the front part of the hind foot
To go to excess; exaggerate
To overreach oneself
To fail by aiming too high or trying too hard.

protract [ glagol ]
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To draw out or lengthen in time; to continue; to prolong
To put off to a distant time; to delay; to defer
To draw to a scale; to lay down the lines and angles of, with scale and protractor; to plot.
To extend; to protrude

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