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1. chagrin


Sinonimi: humiliation | mortification

ETYM French, from chagrin shagreen, a particular kind of rough and grained leather; also a rough fishskin used for graters and files; hence (Fig.), a gnawing, corroding grief. Related to Shagreen.
Strong feelings of embarrassment; SYN. humiliation, mortification.
Disappointment, annoyance; vexation.

2. disappointment


Sinonimi: letdown

ETYM Cf. French désappointement.
A feeling of dissatisfaction that results when one's expectations are not realized; SYN. letdown.

3. disillusionment


The act of freeing from an illusion, or the state of being freed therefrom.

4. regret


1. Sorrow aroused by circumstances beyond one's control or power to repair
2. An expression of distressing emotion (as sorrow or disappointment) plural; a note politely declining an invitation

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