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prodiranje [ imenica ]


piercing [ imenica ]
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A piece of jewelry (as a ring or stud) that is attached to pierced flesh

infiltration [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French infiltration.
The downward movement of water through a soil in response to gravity and capillary suction.
A process in which a military force moves as individuals (or small groups) through enemy positions without detection.
The passage of water into the soil. The rate of absorption of surface water by soil (the infiltration capacity) depends on the intensity of rainfall, the permeability and compactness of the soil, and the extent to which it is already saturated with water. Once in the soil, water may pass into the bedrock to form ground water.

penetration [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin penetratio: cf. French pénétration.
The act of forcing a way into or through something.
Clear or deep perception of a situation; SYN. insight.
An attack that penetrates into enemy territory; SYN. incursion.
The act (by a man) of inserting his penis into the vagina of a woman.

pervasion [ imenica ]
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The action of pervading or condition of being pervaded

progress [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin progressus, from progredi, p. p. progressus, to go forth or forward; pro forward + gradi to step, go: cf. French progrčs. Related to Grade.
Forward movement or advance. Science progresses, providing more comprehensive theories about the world, and these theories can be tested. In the humanities, assessment of progress involves interpretation and is therefore harder, though not necessarily any less rational. Metaphysical philosophies of history as a form of purposive evolution (such as in the works of German thinkers G W F Hegel and Karl Marx) try to show that progress (variously defined) is inevitable, as it is in teleology (the belief that all change serves a purpose).
A movement forward; SYN. progression, advance.
The act of moving forward toward a goal; SYN. progression, advance, advancement, forward motion, onward motion.

progression [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin progressio: cf. French progression.
A series with a definite pattern of advance; SYN. patterned advance.
Sequence of numbers each occurring in a specific relationship to its predecessor. An arithmetic progression has numbers that increase or decrease by a common sum or difference (for example, 8); a geometric progression has numbers each bearing a fixed ratio to its predecessor (for example, 124); and a harmonic progression has numbers whose reciprocals are in arithmetical progression, for example ˝, 1/Ľ.

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