potreba | srpsko - engleski prevod


ženski rod

Neophodnost, nužnost.

1. call


Sinonimi: claim | phone call | telephone call

(Homonym: caul, col).
1. Brief visit in an official or professional capacity.
2. A brief social visit.
3. A demand especially in the phrase; SYN. claim.
4. A demand for a show of hands in a card game.
5. A request.
6. A telephone connection; SYN. phone call, telephone call.

2. demand


ETYM French demande, from demander. Related to Demand.
1. An urgent or peremptory request.
2. The ability and desire to purchase goods and services.
3. The act of demanding.
In economics, the quantity of a product or service that customers want to buy at any given price. Also, the desire for a commodity, together with ability to pay for it.

3. desideratum


ETYM Latin, from desideratus, p. p. Related to Desiderate.
(Irregular plural: desiderata).
Something desired as a necessity.
Something which is greatly desired.

4. emergency


Sinonimi: exigency | pinch

1. A state in which martial law applies.
2. A sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action; SYN. exigency, pinch.

5. exigence

imenicaarhaično, zastarelo


6. exigency


ETYM Late Lat. exigentia: cf. French exigence.
A pressing or urgent situation.

7. lack


Sinonimi: deficiency | want

ETYM Old Eng. lak; cf. Dutch lak slander, laken to blame, Old High Germ. lahan, as. leán.
The state of needing something that is absent or unavailable; SYN. deficiency, want.

8. necessity


Sinonimi: essential | requirement | requisite | necessary

ETYM Old Eng. necessite, French nécessité, Latin necessitas, from necesse. Related to Necessary.
1. Anything indispensable; SYN. essential, requirement, requisite, necessary.
2. The condition of being essential or indispensable.
In economics, good or service whose consumption is seen as essential in order to maintain a minimum standard of living in a society; for example, food and shelter.

9. need


Sinonimi: demand | want

ETYM Old Eng. need, neod, nede, as. neád, nyd; akin to Dutch nood, German not, noth, Icel. nauthr, Swed. and Dan. nöd, Goth. naups.
(Homonym: knead).
1. A condition requiring relief; SYN. demand.
2. Anything that is necessary but lacking; SYN. want.

10. requirement


Sinonimi: demand

Required activity; SYN. demand.

11. turn


Sinonimi: turning | play | turn of events | twist | good turn | bout | round

(Homonym: tern).
1. The act of changing or reversing the direction of the course; SYN. turning.
2. Turning away or in the opposite direction.
3. The activity of doing something in an agreed succession; or; SYN. play.
4. An unforeseen development; SYN. turn of events, twist.
5. A favor for someone; SYN. good turn.
6. Taking a short walk out and back.
7. (In sports) A period of play during which one team is on the offensive; SYN. bout, round.

12. want


ETYM Originally an adj, from Icel. vant, neuter of vanr lacking, deficient. Related to Wane.
(Homonym: wont).
In economics, the desire of consumers for material goods and services. Wants are argued to be infinite, meaning that consumers can never be satisfied with their existing standard of living but would always like to consume more goods and services. Infinite wants mean that resources have to be allocated.