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1. blast off


To launch with great force

2. take off


1. To mimic or imitate, esp. in an amusing or satirical manner
2. To prove fatal
3. To remove clothes
4. To take away or remove,
5. To take off from the ground, as of an aircraft or balloon; SYN. lift off.
6. To take time off from work; stop working temporarily; SYN. take time off.
When an airplane leaves the ground and flies up into the air, it takes off.
When a business or other organized activity becomes very successful, it takes off.

3. wing


1. To fit with wings
2. To enable to fly or move swiftly
3. To traverse with or as if with wings
4. To effect or achieve by flying
5. To let fly; dispatch
6. To wound in the wing; disable the wing of
7. To wound (as with a bullet) without killing
8. To do or perform without preparation or guidelines; improvise
9. To go with or as if with wings; fly — often used with it

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