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Ovens [ muški rod {N/A} ]

Legendarni američki atletičar.

Owens [ muški rod {N/A} ]
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(James Cleveland) (1913-198US track and field athlete who excelled in the sprints, hurdles, and the long jump. At the 19Berlin Olympics he won four gold medals.
The Nazi leader Hitler is said to have stormed out of the stadium at the 19Berlin Olympic Games, in disgust at the black man's triumph. Owens held the world long-jump record for years 1935–6At Ann Arbor, Michigan, on May 193he broke six world records in less than an hour.
Olympic Games
gold: 1meters, 2meters, 4 x 1meters relay, long jump: 1936
World Records:
1meters: 1936
1yards: 1931936
2meters: 1935
2yards: 1935
2meters hurdles: 1935
2yards hurdles: 1935
4 x 1meters relay: 19(US National team)
long jump: 1935

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