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odjek [ muški rod ]

antiphon [ imenica ]
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ETYM Late Lat. antiphona, from Greek. Related to Anthem.
A verse or song to be chanted or sung in response; SYN. antiphony.
Anthem sung as a response during church service.
A response said or sung as part of the liturgy; a psalm etc. sung alternately by two choirs.
Choral music in Greek or Roman liturgy involving the exchange of responses between solo voice and choir, or between choral groups, hence antiphony.

antiphony [ imenica ]
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Alternate (responsive) singing by a choir in two parts.
Music exploiting directional and canonic opposition of widely spaced choirs or groups of instruments to create perspectives in sound. It was developed in 17th-century Venice by Giovanni Gabrieli and in Germany by his pupil Heinrich Schütz and Roland de Lassus; an example is the double choir motet Alma Redemptoris Mater 160The practice was revived in the 20th century by Bartók, Stockhausen, and Berio.

echo [ imenica ]
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In Greek mythology, a nymph who pined away until only her voice remained, after being rejected by Narcissus.
A reply that repeats what has just been said.
The persistence of a sound after its source has stopped; SYN. reverberation, sound reflection.

repercussion [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin repercussio: cf. French répercussion.
A remote or indirect consequence of some action.
Reflection, reverberation.

response [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. response, respons, French réponse, from Latin responsum, from respondere. Related to Respond.
A phrase recited or sung by the congregation following a versicle by the priest or minister.
A result.
Any change in an organism occurring as a result of a stimulus. There are many different types of response, some involving the entire organism, others only groups of cells or tissues. Examples include the muscular contractions in an animal, the movement of leaves toward the light, and the onset of hibernation by small mammals at the start of winter.

reverberation [ imenica ]
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ETYM cf. French réverbération.
The act of reverberating; especially, the act of reflecting light or heat, or echoing sound.
In acoustics, the multiple reflections, or echoes, of sounds inside a building that merge and persist a short while (up to a few seconds) before fading away. At each reflection some of the sound energy is absorbed, causing the amplitude of the sound wave and the intensity of the sound to reduce a little.
Too much reverberation causes sounds to become confused and indistinct, and this is particularly noticeable in empty rooms and halls, and such buildings as churches and cathedrals where the hard, unfurnished surfaces do not absorb sound energy well. Where walls and surfaces absorb sound energy very efficiently, too little reverberation may cause a room or hall to sound dull or “dead”. Reverberation is a key factor in the design of theaters and concert halls, and can be controlled by lining ceilings and walls with materials possessing specific sound-absorbing properties.

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