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Lenjin [ muški rod {N/A} ]

Ruski revolucionar, prvi vođa SSSR-a.

Lenin [ muški rod {N/A} ]
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Adopted name of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (1870-1924)
Russian revolutionary, first leader of the USSR, and communist theoretician. Active in the 19Revolution, Lenin had to leave Russia when it failed, settling in Switzerland in 191He returned to Russia after the February revolution of 19(see Russian Revolution). He led the Bolshevik revolution in Nov 19and became leader of a Soviet government, concluded peace with Germany, and organized a successful resistance to White Russian (pro-tsarist) uprisings and foreign intervention 1918–2His modification of traditional Marxist doctrine to fit conditions prevailing in Russia became known as Marxism-Leninism, the basis of communist ideology.
Lenin was born on April, 18in Simbirsk (now renamed Ulyanovsk), on the river Volga, and became a lawyer in St Petersburg. His brother was executed in 18for attempting to assassinate Tsar Alexander III. A Marxist from 188Lenin was sent to Siberia for spreading revolutionary propaganda 1895–190He then edited the political paper Iskra (“The Spark”) from abroad, and visited London several times. In What Is to be Done? 190he advocated that a professional core of Social Democratic Party activists should spearhead the revolution in Russia, a suggestion accepted by the majority (bolsheviki) at the London party congress 190From Switzerland he attacked socialist support for World War I as aiding an “imperialist” struggle, and wrote Imperialism 1917.
After the renewed outbreak of revolution in Feb/March 191he was smuggled back into Russia in April by the Germans so that he could take up his revolutionary activities and remove Russia from the war, allowing Germany to concentrate the war effort on to the Western Front. On arriving in Russia Lenin established himself at the head of the Bolsheviks, against the provisional government of Kerensky; a complicated power struggle ensued, but eventually Lenin triumphed 8 Nov 191a Bolshevik government was formed, and peace negotiations with Germany were begun leading to the signing of the Treaty of Brest Litovsk 3 March 1918.
From the overthrow of the provisional government in Nov 19until his death, Lenin effectively controlled the Soviet Union, although an assassination attempt in 19injured his health. He founded the Third (Communist) International in 191With communism proving inadequate to put the country on its feet, he introduced the private-enterprise New Economic Policy 1921.
Lenin's embalmed body is in a mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow.
In 18he married Nadezhda Konstantinova Krupskaya (1869–1939), who shared his work and wrote Memories of Lenin.

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