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koncizan [ pridev ]

Sažet, jezgrovit, zbijen, pregledan, kratak, jasan. (lat.)

apophthegmatic [ pridev ]
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See Apothegm.

apophthegmatical [ pridev ]
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concise [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin concisus cut off, short, p. p. of concidere to cut to pieces; con- + caedere to cut; perh. akin to scindere to cleave, and to Eng. shed, v. t.; cf. French concis.
Expressing much in few words.

condensed [ pridev ]
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Reduced to a stronger or more concentrated form; SYN. concentrated.
Of printers' type; narrower than usual for a particular height.
(Psychology) Representing two or more ideas or emotions by a single symbol
Retaining only the most important parts
Used of milk; reduced in volume by having moisture expelled before canning; SYN. evaporated.

terse [ pridev ]
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Severely concise; brief and sharp in tone.
Elegantly concise; free of superfluous words; polished to smoothness

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