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Glavni grad američke savezne države Ohajo.

1. Columbus


1. City in Georgia (USA).
2. City in Indiana (USA).
3. City in Kansas (USA).
4. City in Kentucky (USA); zip code 42032.
5. City in Mississippi (USA).
6. City in Nebraska (USA).
7. City in North Dakota (USA).
8. City in Ohio (USA).
9. City in Texas (USA); zip code 78934.
10. City in Wisconsin (USA); zip code 53925.
11. The state capital of Ohio; located in the center of the state; site of Ohio State University; Also called: capital of Ohio.
12. Town in Montana (USA); zip code 59019.
13. Town in North Carolina (USA); zip code 28722.
14. Village in Illinois (USA).
15. Village in New Mexico (USA).
(Ohio) Capital of Ohio, US, on the rivers Scioto and Olentangy; It has coalfield and natural gas resources nearby; its industries include the manufacture of automobiles, planes, missiles, and electrical goods.
There are three universities, a symphony orchestra, and an airforce base.(Georgia) City in W central Georgia, US, SW of Macon, across the Chattahoochee River from Phenix City, Alabama; seat of Muscogee County; Industries include processed food, machinery, iron and steel, textiles, cotton, and peanuts. It is a distribution center for surrounding farmlands, and lies just N of the US Army infantry base Fort Benning.

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