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kongres [ muški rod ]

Skupština, skup, zbor, sastanak radi dogovaranja i savetovanja o zajedničkim poslovima; naročito: sastanak punomoćnika više država (npr. Pariski, Bečki kongres); u Severnoj Americi: zakonodavna skupština narodnih poslanika; skupština članova istog staleža i iste struke (profesorski, učitljeski, geografski itd. kongres), ili istih načela (partijski kongres). (lat.)

conference [ imenica ]
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ETYM French conférence. Related to Confer.
A discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic; SYN. group discussion.
A prearranged meeting for consultation or or exchange of information or discussion (especially one with a formal agenda).

congress [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin congressus, from congredi, p. p. -gressus, to go or come together; con- + grati to go or step, gradus step: cf. French congrčs. Related to Grade.
National legislature of the US, consisting of the House of Representatives (4members, apportioned to the states of the Union on the basis of population, and elected for two-year terms) and the Senate (1senators, two for each state, elected for six years, one-third elected every two years). Both representatives and senators are elected by direct popular vote. Congress meets in Washington, DC, in the Capitol Building. An act of Congress is a bill passed by both houses.
The Congress of the United States met for the first time on 4 March 178It was preceded by the Congress of the Confederation representing the several states under the Articles of Confederation from 17to 1789.
A meeting of elected or appointed representatives.
A national legislative assembly.

congression [ imenica ]
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convention [ imenica ]
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Any standard that is used more or less universally in a given situation. Many conventions are applied to microcomputers. In programming, for example, a language such as C relies on formally accepted symbols and abbreviations that must be used in programs. Less formally, programmers usually adopt the convention of indenting subordinate instructions in a routine so that the structure of the program is more easily visualized. National and international committees often discuss and arbitrate conventions for programming languages, data structures, communication standards, and device characteristics. See also CCITT, ISO, NTSC, standard (definition 1).

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