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ženski rodlično ime

Američka glumica.

1. Griffith

ženski rodlično ime

(1957-) US film actress. Bubbly and vivacious, with a talent for projecting “kookiness”, she showed a gift for light comedy as the secretary with ambitions in Working Girl 1988, for which she received an Academy Award nomination. She initially attracted notice as the perverse antiheroine of Something Wild 1986. Other films include Pacific Heights 1990 and Born Yesterday 1993.
The daughter of actress Tippi Hedren (1931– ) (star of The Birds 1963), she is married to actor Don Johnson (1949– ), with whom she co-starred in Born Yesterday. Among her more rewarding roles was that of a determined wife who thwarts a psychopath in Pacific Heights, in which Tippi Hedren also briefly appeared.

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