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fotokopir [ muški rod ]

photocopier [ imenica ]
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A copier that uses photographic methods of making copies.
Machine that uses some form of photographic process to reproduce copies of documents or illustrations. Most modern photocopiers, as pioneered by the Xerox Corporation, use electrostatic photocopying, or xerography (“dry writing”).
Additional functions of photocopiers include enlargement and reduction, copying on both sides of the sheet of paper, copying in color, collating, and stapling.
The Japanese company Ricoh produced a prototype for a “recycle copier” 199It reheats the toner on the paper to 100şC and adds a “peel off” solution to reduce the adhesion of the toner. The paper is then passed through a roller removing all toner. By this method paper can be used up to times.

photostat copying machine [ imenica ]
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