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Engleska [ ženski rod {geologija} ]

Država u Velikoj Britaniji.

England [ imenica {geologija} ]
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A division of the United Kingdom.
City in Arkansas (USA); zip code 72046.
Largest division of the United Kingdom.
area 130,3sq km/50,3sq mi.
capital London.
towns and cities Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, York; ports Bristol, Dover, Felixstowe, Harwich, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Southampton.
features variability of climate and diversity of scenery; among European countries, only the Netherlands is more densely populated.
exports agricultural (cereals, rape, sugar beet, potatoes); meat and meat products; electronic (software) and telecommunications equipment (main centers Berkshire and Cambridge); scientific instruments; textiles and fashion goods; North Sea oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers; beer; china clay, pottery, porcelain, and glass; film and television programs, and sound recordings. Tourism is important. There are worldwide banking and insurance interests.
currency pound sterling.

language English, with more than 1minority languages.
religion Christian, with the Church of England as the established church, 31,500,00and various Protestant groups, of which the largest is the Methodist 1,400,00Roman Catholic about 5,000,00Muslim 900,00Jewish 410,00Sikh 175,00Hindu 140,000.
For government and history, see Britain, ancient; England: history; United Kingdom.

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