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Bogojavljenje [ imenica ]

Praznik posvećen krštenju Isusa Hrista, 1januar.

Epiphany [ imenica ]
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Twelve days after Christmas; celebrates the visit of the three wise men to the infant Jesus; Also called: Epiphany of Our Lord, Twelfth day, Three Kings' Day, January 6.
Festival of the Christian church, held 6 Jan, celebrating the coming of the Magi (the three Wise Men) to Bethlehem with gifts for the infant Jesus, and symbolizing the manifestation of Jesus to the world. It is the 12th day after Christmas, and marks the end of the Christmas festivities.
In many countries the night before Epiphany, called Twelfth Night, is marked by the giving of gifts. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the festival celebrated on this day is known as the theophany and commemorates the baptism of Jesus. Some Orthodox churches use an older calendar and celebrate Epiphany on Jan.

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