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muški rodlično ime


Engleski državnik, škotski političar, premijer engleske vlade od 1997. godine.


muški rodlično ime
/ bler /


(Anthony Charles Lynton) (1953-)
British politician, leader of the Labour Party from 1994. A centrist in the manner of his predecessor John Smith, he became Labour’s youngest leader by a large majority in the first fully democratic elections to the post July 1994. In 1995, after a hard-fought campaign, he won approval of a new Labour Party charter, intended to distance the party from its traditional socialist base and promote “social market” values.
Blair practiced as a lawyer before entering the House of Commons 1983 as member for the Durham constituency of Sedgfield. He was elected to Labour’s shadow cabinet 1988 and given the energy portfolio; he shadowed employment from 1991 and home affairs from 1992. Like John Smith, he did not ally himself with any particular faction and, in drawing a distinction between “academic and ethical socialism”, succeeded in winning over most sections of his party, apart from the extreme left.

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