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bova [ ženski rod {nautika} ]

Plutača, ukotvljeno mesto za označavanje dubine vode.

beacon [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. bekene, AS. beácen, bęcen; akin to OS. bôkan, Fries. baken, beken, sign, signal, Dutch baak, Old High Germ. bouhhan, German bake; of unknown origin. Related to Beckon.
A fire (usually on a hill or tower) that can be seen from a distance; SYN. beacon fire.
A tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships; SYN. lighthouse, beacon light, pharos.

buoy [ imenica ]
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ETYM Dutch boei buoy, fetter, from Old Fren. boie, buie, chain, fetter, French bouée a buoy, from Latin boia.
(Homonym: boy).
Bright-colored; a float attached by rope to the seabed to mark channels in a harbor or underwater hazards.
Floating object used to mark channels for shipping or warn of hazards to navigation. Buoys come in different shapes, such as a pole (spar buoy), cylinder (automobile buoy), and cone (nun buoy). Light buoys carry a small tower surmounted by a flashing lantern, and bell buoys house a bell, which rings as the buoy moves up and down with the waves. Mooring buoys are heavy and have a ring on top to which a ship can be tied.

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