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muški rod

Kaciga, kask.

1. casque


ETYM French casque, from Spanish casco See Cask.
(15-16th century) Any armor for the head; usually ornate without a visor.
1. A piece of armor for the head; helmet.
2. An anatomical structure (as the horny outgrowth on the head of a cassowary) suggestive of a helmet.

2. headpiece


A protective helmet for the head.

3. helm


1. A mechanical device by which a vessel is steered.
2. A position of leadership.

4. helmet


ETYM Old Fren. helmet, a dim of helme, French heaume.
1. A protective head covering made of hard material to resist blows.
2. Armor that protects the head.
Protective utilitarian head covering, often with a strap that goes under the chin. It is worn for activities where the head might be damaged, such as building work, horse riding, motorcycling, or by military personnel as protection against low impacts. The design of the helmet is adapted for the specific activity.

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