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wesentlich [ pridev ]
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essential [ pridev ]
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ETYM Cf. French essentiel. Related to Essence.
Absolutely necessary; vitally necessary; SYN. indispensable.
Absolutely required and not to be used up or sacrificed.
Basic and fundamental.
Being or relating to or containing the essence of a plant etc.

important [ pridev ]
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ETYM French important. Related to Import.
Having or suggesting a consciousness of high position.
Of great significance or value; SYN. of import.

intrinsic [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin intrinsecus inward, on the inside; intra within + secus otherwise, beside; akin to Eng. second: cf. French intrinsčque. Related to Inter-, Second, Extrinsic.
Belonging to a thing by its very nature; SYN. intrinsical.
(Anatomy) Situated within or belonging solely to the organ or body part on which it acts.
Inward; inherent.

material [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin materialis, from materia stuff, matter: cf. French matériel. Related to Matter, Matériel.
Derived from or composed of matter.
Concerned with worldly rather than spiritual interests.
Concerned with or affecting physical as distinct from intellectual or psychological well-being.
Directly relevant to a matter especially a law case.

substantial [ pridev ]
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ETYM French substantiel, Latin substantialis.
Being the essence or essential element of a thing; SYN. substantive, in essence.
Having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary; SYN. real, material.

vital [ pridev ]
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ETYM French, from Latin vitalis, from vita life; akin to vivere to live. Related to Vivid.
Existing as a manifestation of life.
Having or characterized by life.
Performing an essential function in the living body; SYN. life-sustaining.
Relating to the chief data about lives.

wesentlich [ prilog ]
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essentially [ prilog ]
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In an essential manner.

substantially [ prilog ]
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In a strong substantial way.

vitally [ prilog ]
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To a vital degree

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