verschwenden | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. dissipate


1. To scatter completely; to disperse and cause to disappear; -- used esp. of the dispersion of things that can never again be collected or restored.
2. To destroy by wasteful extravagance or lavish use; to squander.

2. lavish


Sinonimi: shower

To expend profusely; also used with abstract nouns:; SYN. shower.

3. squander


Sinonimi: blow

To spend lavishly or wastefully on; SYN. blow.

4. waste


Sinonimi: run off | blow | squander | emaciate | macerate | rot

1. To use inefficiently or inappropriately
2. To get rid of
3. To run off as waste:; SYN. run off.
4. To spend thoughtlessly; throw away; SYN. blow, squander.
5. To cause to grow thin or weak; SYN. emaciate, macerate.
6. To waste away; SYN. rot.

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