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1. banter


1. To have a light, witty conversation.
2. To jest about; to ridicule in speaking of, as some trait, habit, characteristic, and the like.
3. To challenge or defy to a match.

2. taunt


To mock; to deride in a contemptuous manner, while keeping oneself free from attack.

3. tease


Sinonimi: badger | harass | pester | bug | beleaguer | rag | cod | tantalize | bait | taunt | twit | rally | ride | tease apart | loosen | fluff | card

1. To annoy persistently; SYN. badger, harass, pester, bug, beleaguer.
2. To harass with persistent criticism or carping; SYN. rag, cod, tantalize, bait, taunt, twit, rally, ride.
3. To disentangle and raise the fibers of; SYN. tease apart, loosen.
4. To ruffle by combing towards the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect; of hair; SYN. fluff.
5. To separate the fibers of; SYN. card.
6. To tear into pieces
7. To raise the nap of (fabrics).

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