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Kegelspiel, schon im MA verbreitetes dt. Unterhaltungsspiel, bei dem Kegel am Ende einer Kegelbahn mit Kegelkugeln umzuwerfen sind; seit Anfang des 19. Jh. auch als sportl. Wettkampf.

1. skittles


Or ninepins; Game in which nine wooden pins, arranged in a diamond-shaped frame at the end of an alley, are knocked down in two rolls from the other end of the alley with a wooden ball. Two or more players can compete. Skittles resembles tenpin bowling.
A smaller version called table skittles is played indoors on a table using a pivoted ball attached to a pole by a chain.An English game resembling ninepins, but played by throwing wooden disks, instead of rolling balls, at the pins.

kegeln | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. bowl


1. To go bowling.
2. To roll (a ball), as in bowling.

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